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Brandi Tinder

Gardening is a passion of mine. I love being outdoors and being with the plants and nature. I find it peaceful and rewarding. Is it strange that I love the way the dirt smells??

What's so great about gardening? Well, if you've found my site, chances are I don't need to tell you.

Here's what I love about it: 

  • It's a great workout, but with a purpose and more than just fitness results. Mmmm, strawberries.
  • I can really zone out without distraction from other chores. Sometimes I let the kids join in the fun, but this is my sanctuary. When they are older, I hope they develop the same passion for the sowing and harvesting as I do.
  • I get to use my own produce for meals. Nothin' better than a garden salad from my own garden. 
  • The beauty and the (inhale...) fragrance of it all. I still remember the first time I noticed that the leaves on the tomato plant smell just like the tomatoes. Go figure. Love it! 
  • I feel like I'm contributing to the ecosystem. Not to mention, the savings on my grocery bill are nice, too.

 What's your favorite thing about gardening? Do you like to harvest or plant better? 

I have taken my passion and combined it with my artistic background to create designs for apparel and other items. I hope to convey my love for gardening in these images, and will do my best to create things that you are proud to wear to share your joy in gardening as well. Please share your ideas that you might want to see here. 

Time to tend my garden. I'm excited to share this endeavor with you all. 

Until next time, 

Brandi Tinder

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